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"2023 Girls Senior Shore Conference Basketball Coaches Association All Stars"

Red Bank Catholic highschool hosted the 2023 girls senior shore conference basketball coaches association all stars and didn't disappoint with a lot of great talent from different schools playing together. The teams were South and North all stars with each team wearing light blue/yellow shirts. Before they started, the announcer announced all players and coaches on both sides.

Here are your 2023 all star players and coaches from North/south


  1. Madison Bjorndahl Pt. Boro

  2. Kami Turnbach Pt. Beach

  3. Layla Marotta Brick Memorial

  4. Hayley Tighe Brick Memorial

  5. Chloe Messer Jackson Memorial

  6. Taylor Maire TR East

  7. Arianna Torres TR North

  8. Riley Coltenback Central

  9. Kelsey DiMichele Central

  10. Rylee Drahos Shore

  11. Gabby Ross Donovan Catholic

  12. Rylyn Orlando Manasquan

  13. Julia Whesper St. Rose

  14. Rosie Scognamigilo St. Rose

  15. Zoie Maffei Jackson Memorial

  16. Kamile Makselyte Jackson Memorial

  17. Julia Grodzicki TR North

  18. Cara McCoy Barnegat

  19. Jada Clayton Pt. Beach

  20. Nicole Kuhl Brick Township

  21. Riley Mahan Lacey

  22. Ari Broughton Jackson Liberty South All Star Coaches Vicki Gillen TRN, Will Wishart Shore.


1. Casey Prior RBC

2. Molly Kelly RBC

3. Alexandra Loucopoulos Holmdel

4. Erica Stolker Holmdel

5. Kerry DeStefano Howell

6. Jill DeSio Trinity Hall

7. Amanda Castro Marlboro

8. Aimee Tanglao Midd. North

9. Amanda Paterno Midd. South

10. Julia Corsentino RFH

11. Mya Hepburn Long Branch

12. Sarah Hughes Ranney

13. Sarah Moran Colts Neck

14. Ellie Hendrickson H. Hudson

15. Madison Fernandez Keansburg

16. Sydney Commesso Trinity Hall

17. Josie Munson RBR

18. Dylan Cahill RFH

19. Emma Carmen RBC

20. Ashley Sofilkanich SJV

21. Michaela Hubbard SJV

North All Star Coaches Shannon Coyle Long Branch, Justin McGhee Midd. North.

Everyone on this list deserved it after the season they had while competing against each other, trying to win games and focused on one goal. This all star had 4 15 minute quarters but ended up changing after halftime. It was a close game in the beginning with both teams having fun putting up shots and playing some defense. Each coach made sure everyone got playing time to share the experience which each other and Their family in stands watching.

During halftime they did a three point shootout between these two teams selecting three players to compete. It was entertaining with Julia Corsentino hitting most of her three pointers for North as she ended up winning the shootout and getting a gift card and some other prize. Corsentino was barley missing, getting into a rhythm and basically shooting practice for her. She also holds the school record with 300 which is amazing.

In the second half it went to 12:00 minutes with a running clock as North all stars took off. They started to play defense, picked up the intensity, making plays, passing the ball and open shots. South all stars were still having fun despite the big deficit to come back from. North reached over 100 points as they won 104-72 against South. After the game they announced MVP awards on both sides.

Congrats to Julia Grodzicki from South and Alexandra Loucopoulos from North winning the MVP awards.

Photo Credit Mike Franco

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