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"5 Red Bank Catholic Girls Basketball Wins A Thriller Against 11 St. Rose 52-48"

St. Rose coming in at 17-3 hosted 19-1 Red Bank Catholic in a huge matchup for both teams. They were trying to build on their strong seasons so far and move up in the seeding. This game was sold out with a fantastic turnout, a lot of hype and it Did not disappoint at all. They were locked in, ready to go, focused and put on a show for everyone who attended.

Red Bank Catholic got off to a hot start in the first quarter with finding open buckets, spreading the floor, talking on the court, playing defense and getting to the basket. They only gave up 8 points in this quarter while scoring 16 that gave them momentum. St. Rose struggled to find rhythm in the beginning, trying to force things a little and didn't shoot the ball that well. Both teams were playing with up tempo offense and pushing the ball to get Defense caught off guard.

Something changed for St. Rose after a tough first quarter as they dominated in the second. Playing much better defense, getting open looks at the basket, shooting the threes, free throws and spreading the floor also. The defense only gave up 7 points and offense scored 22 as momentum shifted big time towards St. Rose's favor heading into halftime. They were leading Red Bank Catholic 30-23 at the half with an amazing run to finish the quarter.

The second half got intense as momentum shifted towards Red Bank Catholic's side again in third quarter. This time their defense played excellent for a whole quarter only giving up 7 and scoring 14. They were able to tie the game at 37-37 heading into the fourth quarter making it an exciting game. St. Rose struggled again with the shooting in third quarter as they were trying to change things up.

Both teams started to find rhythm and flow with the shot making in fourth quarter as they were trading baskets. It got a little chippy with the foul calls and certain plays that the coaches were upset about. St. Rose tried hard to win but fell short as Red Bank Catholic won 52-48 with a 15 point fourth quarter while giving up 11. They now improve to 20-1 on the season as St. Rose drops to 17-4.

What a game for everyone, they competed at a high level, back and fourth runs. It was like a playoff atmosphere in a game 7 type situation.

Top scorers for Red Bank Catholic Tessa Carmah 12 points and Addy Nyemchek 18 points.

Top scorers for St. Rose Cassidy Kruesi 13 points and Rosie Scognamigilo 14 points.

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