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Championship Softball In The Frozen Thundra

Sets Softball faced off against the Boozers yesterday live from Union Hill Recreation Complex, Malbaro/English Town New Jersey in a best out of three championship game. All three games were intense, crazy, entertaining and it snowed at one point. It was like being at Lambeau Field playing in the Frozen Thundra. Unfortunately Sets came up short but still had a great season and kept fighting till the end.

Don Bolton pitched all three games for Sets last night trying to give his team a chance to win which they did in the second one. Chris Gehris and Will Fraumeni also came up clutch hitting 6 home runs combined in the three. Sets had other contributions like Renee Panter, Ally Parrett, Cheryl Paluzzi, Chris Lewis, Nick Lapetina, April Benninger and others. The other big story of the game was when AJ got hurt pretty bad on his hand for Sets, had to come out of the game but ended up coming back and getting a clutch single.

The Boozers couldn't stop Chris Gehris in all three games as he had a Aaron Judge like performance getting over 40 plus home runs in this league and 121 combined with the other two leagues he plays in. Chris did play baseball in college according to his now Fiance Ally Parrett. Don Bolton gave the team a few speeches during the game trying to pump them up. Sets had opportunities to come up back in the third game but Boozers just played better defense.

Sets had a little trouble on defense in the outfield which was momentum changers. Give credit to this team for hanging in against the Boozers, never giving up, playing as a team, still had positive mindset when people got hurt and having fun. Shout-Out to Don Bolton for letting our media company the NR Hour Sports Show for covering this and we can't wait to cover more games. Sets is family, love the place and it's great to see them form a softball team that competes and don't give up.

Look For Sets Softball To Be More Better Next Season And Get Revenge On These Teams.

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