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"Immaculate Heart Gives St. John Vianney Their First Loss In The NJSIAA Non-Public A Championship"

Immaculate Heart and St. John Vianney was the third game live from Toms River North Highschool as both teams made this into an interesting main event. St. John Vianney was looking to complete the perfect season while Immaculate Heart was trying to upset them with a record of 25-4. The big question was Zoe Brooks going to play in this game for St. John Vianney. Can Immaculate Heart pull of an upset or does St. John Vianney complete their undefeated season.

St. John Vianney did not look like a 31-0 team to start off the game as Immaculate Heart took advantage of their struggles early. They forced tough shots against St. John Vianney, playing great defense to set the tone and spacing the floor. Zoe Brooks was on the bench during the whole first half. Immaculate Heart gave up 7 points while scoring 11 having confidence going into the second quarter with Brooks still a question mark for St. John Vianney.

Both teams started to trade baskets in the second quarter as St. John Vianney was getting much better looks at the basket and shooting the three pointers. Immaculate Heart was also able to keep up with the scoring. They combined for 24 points in this quarter with St. John Vianney scoring 13 and Immaculate Heart 11 heading into halftime at 22-20. Who will make the necessary adjustments to take over the second half and wants it more.

Immaculate Heart took over the third quarter with great defense, kept making baskets at a high level, setting up teammates with nice passes and getting to the free throw line. St. John Vianney was sitting in a tough position on whether or not to bring in Zoe Brooks to save their season. Once they saw Immaculate Heart putting some distance, coach Dawn Karpell decided to put in Brooks towards the end of third quarter trying to switch things up and get some momentum back.

Once Zoe Brooks came into the game, they made a little run cutting into Immaculate Heart's lead but was still down by double digits at 42-29 heading into the fourth quarter. Both teams continued the hot shooting in the last quarter as St. John Vianney was hitting three after three. They combined for 49 points during the fourth quarter with the final score being 65-55 helping Immaculate Heart upset St. John Vianney in the NJSIAA Non-Public A Championship Game spoiling the undefeated season.

Congrats To Immaculate Heart

Top scorers for Immaculate Heart were Isabella Asencio 25 points, 6 rebounds, Julia Schultz 14 points, 8 rebounds, Ava Naszimento 12 points and 4 rebounds.

Top scorers for St. John Vianney Bre Delaney 16 points, Ashley Sofilkanich 10 points, 3 rebounds, Madison Kocis 15 points.

Photo Credit Mike Franco

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