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"Jim Boeheim Retires After 47 Years Of Coaching Syracuse Men's Basketball"

Legendary college coach Jim Boeheim announces that he will be retiring from coaching after 47 years with Syracuse Men's Basketball. What a great and hall of fame career for Boeheim as he kept this team competitive. He has an official coaching record of 1,015-441 over his career which is incredible. His retirement comes after two other great colleges coaches retired also in Roy Williams from North Carolina and Mike Krzyzewski with Duke. These are three coaches that college basketball will miss for sure making positive impacts.

Jim Boeheim already made an impact once he got to Syracuse helping out the young players, recruited well, they loved playing for him and fought till the end each game. He took Syracuse to NCAA tournament on 35 occasions and advancing to the Final Four in five of those. Then winning the national title in 2003 where he has 58 official NCAA tournament wins, ranking him fourth all time. Syracuse is lucky to have a coach for 47 years that has made a huge difference in this program and it will be weird not seeing him on the sidelines.

Another special moment about this is that coach Boeheim got to coach his son Buddy Boeheim which was great to see. It is always inspiring to see family members on the same team in every sport and extra memoriable for their family members. Buddy spoke highly of his father in a Twitter and Instagram post as a mentor also. This moment will be shared forever that nobody will ever forget at Syracuse. The headline should be father and son positive impact with this school.

Coach Boeheim got to coach a lot of great players that went to the NBA which included Carmelo Anthony who loved playing for him. He also loved coaching Anthony because the way they both compete, passion for the game, want to win and helping out the community. Carmelo Anthony was on that 2003 national championship team that was extra special for him winning with Jim Boeheim. He described Carmelo Anthony as one of the best players in college basketball that Boeheim has ever coached or seen.

Now with Coach Jim Boeheim retiring, Syracuse goes into a transition period but a familiar face is about to take over. His assistant coach from 2011 Adrian Autry will be promoted as the new head coach for them as the players already know what he brings to the table. With this hire, they make him the first black head coach in Syracuse history which is an amazing story.

Congrats to coach Jim Boeheim on a fantastic career, good luck on your next opportunity and looking forward to seeing Syracuse's future with new coach Adrian Autry.

Photo Credit Buddy Boeheim, Front Office Sports And NCAA March Madness.

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