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"Manasquan Dominants Raritan 68-42 in the Shore Conference Tournament Semifinals"

Toms River North Highschool hosted a double header for the Shore Conference Tournament Semifinals as Manasquan (21-4) and Raritan (19-2) was the main event. Ranney would play the winner of this game in the championship game Sunday February 19th at Monmouth University. Manasquan is the number one team coming into this matchup. Who will face Ranney for the championship game.

Manasquan drew the first punch as they dominated from the beginning till the end and never looked back. Raritan wasn't prepared as much, struggled to stop their offense and the offense was an issue against that defense. Manasquan was able to get to the basket, draw fouls, shoot the three pointers and play excellent defense. They were able to hold the lead, stay focused and not let up.

The Raritan coaching staff didn't really have a game plan against Manasquan, they didn't look like a 19-2 team, everything wasn't in flow and Manasquan took advantage of their mistakes. Each quarter was dominated by Manasquan with their defense not giving up easy shots and making it hard for Raritan to come back. Manasquan took care of business and let everyone know why they are the number one team.

Manasquan beat Raritan 68-42 as they advance to the championship game to play Ranney Sunday February 19th at Monmouth University. This should be a good matchup between two hard nose teams that never give up and keep fighting till the finish.

Top scorers for Manasquan Darius Adams 19 points, Griffin Linstra 10 points, Alex Konov 11 points and Ryan Frauenheim 14 points.

Top scorers for Raritan Michael Diller 10 points and Jack Coleman 10 points.

Photo Credit Mike Franco, Franco Sports Photography.

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