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"NBA Night And Karaoke At Maggie's Bar And Grill Yesterday"

It was NBA Night and Karaoke at Maggie's Bar And Grill in New Jersey yesterday. I helped out again with the NBA Night Event that was hosted by our amazing, hard working friends Sarah and Kaylyn. Maggie's does a fantastic job of hosting different kinds of events for everyone and make sure they have fun. Some people sang karaoke last night and met new connections for our media company.

Sarah Desssner and her fiance Kaylyn Santiago always does a great job setting up these NBA Night Events every Wednesday. Sometime it is tough for them because some people don't go out on a Wednesday but they don't let that get on the way and still put on a show no matter how many people show up. Sarah has buckets set up, basketball shot game, raffle tickets, giveaways and trivia.

Shout-out to Elliot Bell and Justin McKenzie who is the assistant coach for Jackson Memorial Jaguars Girls Basketball Team for coming to the event, showing support for Sarah and Kaylyn. Maggie's are like family to our NR Media Company now as we continue building that relationship for future events. They gave away Rutgers string bags, shirts and a Kobe Bryant McDonald's All American jersey which is iconic.

Sarah has some awesome trivia questions yesterday, she kept everything guessing and gave some hints. Justin McKenzie went off yesterday winning multiple prizes including that iconic Kobe Bryant's McDonalds All American jersey which can be worn according to our sources. Another successful event in the books for them as they continue working hard on their goal.

Congrats to Sarah and Kaylyn for all the hard work, success putting the NBA Night Event all together at Maggie's Bar And Grill. Everyone please come show support next time, enjoy all the food, drinks and entertainment at this fantastic restaurant in New Jersey.

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