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"New York Giants Sign Quarterback Daniel Jones And Put The Franchise Tag On RB Saquon Barkley"

The New York Giants had a big day today when it came to this 4:00 pm franchise tag deadline in the NFL. Everyone was concerned what would happen with quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley who both had good seasons underneath coach Brian Dabol. Another thing was if they were willing to give Jones the money after only having 15 touchdown passes and 7 of them rushing. Also Barkley had the opportunity to sign an extension around the trade deadline but decided not to.

Daniel Jone's agent/rep team met with GM Joe Schoen all day today figuring the right situation for both sides that will make him happy by 4:00 pm. If the Giants were to franchise tag Daniel Jones then that would have been tough for them to sign Barkley. It was a huge meeting between these two going back and fourth with contract numbers. The New York Giants played this right with Jones and took it down close to the deadline as everyone expected.

The New York Giants were able to come to an agreement with quarterback Daniel Jones on a 4 year deal worth $160 million dollars before it hit 4:00 pm. Then shortly after they placed the franchise tag on Saquon Barkley completing a long day of hard work. This is what the outcome everyone wanted in New York's front office by keeping both of them and giving flexibility in free agency still.

They believe Daniel Jones can improve on the 15 touchdowns with them surrounding him with more options on offense and become like what Eli Manning did for this team. Congrats to Daniel Jones getting his money and the Giants for keeping Saquon Barkley also.

Can GM Joe Schoen Put The Right Pieces Around Daniel Jones For Them To Win More Games.

Photo Credit Clutch Points

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