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"NJ Poke Bubble Tea Cereal Ice Cream Bar In Tom's River Has It's Own Unique Style With Food"

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit NJ Poke in Tom's River New Jersey where they have different kinds of food options for everyone including kids. This place brings its own unique way of food because you can put different types of cereals in the Ice Cream or shakes which is a cool idea. It is located in Hooper avenue in a plaza and all of you should try it out. The set up of this place is awesome and well organized. Alivia and Alex does a fantastic job helping out the Owner Tom Kerr.

I had the opportunity to interview owner Tom Kerr but before he gave me some samples to try with the mozzarella sticks and a grilled salmon bowl which were both excellent choices. Kerr asked me what I do in the sports industry, how networking is important, reaching out to people and helping out the community. Then we got started the interview where I asked him how he got opened up NJ Poke in Tom's River.

Owner Tom Kerr explained everything with the restaurant, food, ideas to grow this business and NJ Poke. Our interview was two minutes and 10 seconds letting the fans know about this amazing place. I also gave him some ideas about adding more stuff, doing a live podcast from the place and events. They also have a trick when it comes to putting the straws into the shakes where you have to poke it to open lid. Their straws have a pointer where you can use that to open.

I Recommend this place, everyone please come check out to NJ Poke in Tom's River New Jersey

Thank you to Owner Tom Kerr, Alivia and Alex for me yesterday to promote this awesome place.

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