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"No Limits Cafe In Middletown New Jersey Is The Place To Be With An Inspiring Story"

Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit No Limits Cafe in Middletown New Jersey helping out our friend Tony Vlahovic with his book signing which is called "Just Need An Opportunity". This cafe had an amazing set up, a lot of inspiring sayings and a great vibe. It was a great turnout for Tony's book signing, met some fantastic people, made connections and took a big group picture at the end.

No Limits Cafe is owned by Mark and Stephanie Cartier who has done a great job of putting this place on notice, doing events like yesterday and making it like a family environment. They have a 24 year old daughter with down syndrome which inspired them to start this cafe. Mark took us on a tour of the cafe, went into the kitchen, seeing how they operate and was just amazing to see. Mark told me yesterday that their daughter was the reason why they opened up No Limits Cafe in Middletown New Jersey.

They are the only place to have adult staff workers with down syndrome, coaches to help them, building a strong friendship, learning something new everyday. Mark also said most of them stay here to work because they love it and feel comfortable. It was really awesome to see how they worked together, keeping on high alert by saying behind if they needed to get thru an area and enjoying customers visit. Tony gave some of his books to staff workers, signed it for them and took more pictures.

Shout-out to Base Able for helping out with the book signing also for Tony Vlahovic.

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