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"Paul VI Girls Basketball Holds Off Rutgers Prep In A Intense Battle Improving To 18-2"

Rutgers Prep hosted Paul VI in a big matchup between these two as they were trying to continue their strong seasons. Paul VI coming into the game at 17-2, while Rutgers Prep was 16-3. This game had some of the top girls highschool basketball players in Hannah Hidalgo, Mikayla Blakes and Katie Ledden. Some college college coaches were in attendance scouting these players.

Both teams set the tone in the first quarter with a high temp pace on offense, getting early looks while the defenses was struggling a little bit. Rutgers Prep got off to a good start having the lead with momentum. Paul VI made a little run to end the first quarter on a high note cutting into the lead. Rutgers Prep had a 19-14 lead heading into the second quarter in a already entertaining game.

Paul VI dominated the second quarter getting open looks at the basket, playing great defense, forcing turnovers, and making free throws. Rutgers Prep struggled on both ends of the floor in this quarter and couldn't get anything going. Paul VI had big time momentum heading into halftime with a 30-26 lead. They were also trading baskets between each other.

Rutgers Prep then got the momentum back in the third quarter with 25 points and only giving up 19. They were able to get shots up, playing much better defense, forcing tough shots, three pointers and spreading the floor. Paul VI had no trouble scoring the ball but the defense was kind of flat in this quarter. Rutgers Prep had a 51-49 lead heading into the fourth quarter making it a exciting finish.

The fourth quarter belonged to Paul VI and Hannah Hidalgo just took over the game with her teammates also. They scored 23 points while giving up 16 to Rutgers Prep. Paul VI had a great defensive game plan to close out the game and succeeded big time. Holding off Rutgers Prep 72-67 improving to 18-2 on the season while Rutgers Prep fall to 16-4.

What a game, both teams fought hard and lived up to the hype.

Top scorers for Paul VI Hannah Hidalgo 29 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, Azanah Campbell 15 points, 5 rebounds, Shariah Baynes 10 points, 3 assists.

Top scorers for Rutgers Prep Mikayla Blakes 34 points, 4 assists, Katie Ledden 18 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, Gigi Battle 4 points, 11 rebounds.

Photo Credit Mike Franco, Franco Sports Photography.

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