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"Scranton Wilks Barre Railriders Show Fight Towards The End But Fall Short"

It was a bullpen day for both teams as Scranton Wilks Barre Railriders had Aaron McGarity going first against Worcester Red Sox on Military Appreciation and a great Saturday with the weather. McGarity started the game strong by striking out the side but struggled in next inning as he gave up three walks, 4 runs and couldn't find his command. Then James Norwood came in next and he had a tough time also by giving up 3 runs. Barrett Loseke and Matt Bowman also gave up a few runs in this game.

Scranton Wilks Barre Railriders pitching gave up to many walks as Worcester Red Sox hitters took advantage of that and put pressure against their pitchers. Worcester had a total of 11 walks, scored 11 runs and 11 hits which is crazy to see sometimes. They couldn't get the key outs yesterday, extended the inning and didn't locate their pitches.

Worcester Red Sox pitching kept the Railriders hitters scoreless until the fifth inning when you they scored five runs and showing life after being down 9-0. They made it 9-5 at one point, then Worcester scored two to make it 11-5 and Scranton scored two more but fell short. Railriders showed fight as a team, putting great at bats towards the end and working the count more.

Jesus Bastidas and Oswald Peraza each hit their 6th home run of the season.

Photo Credit NR Media

Video Credit Scranton Wilks Barre Railriders And NR Media

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