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"Sets Hybrid Training Had Their Grand Opening In Barnegat New Jersey"

Our friend Anthony Kapkapasakis who is the owner of Sets has done a fantastic job for all the people and coaches keeping this franchise going. They are going to open another one in Tennessee with coach Kevin but yesterday was a great day in Barnegat New Jersey as John Avalone, Shane Bent and James Land got to unveil this new place. Everyone was there yesterday including the mayor of Barnegat who is Pasquale “Pat” Pipi. It is on Lighthouse drive in an amazing plaza and nice location.

This Sets also had a sauna, cold room and enough room hosting a big class. The summer time is going to be lit for most people now as they can workload and go to the beach right after. We will be coming to Barnegat one now during the summer as LBI is a great area. They also had CBD Oil, Shake and Strain and Caught Ya Lookin showing samples of their company and people were loving every second of it. Everyone go follow them on social media for more.

I had the opportunity to meet two amazing ladies yesterday behind the mini bar they had outside giving out samples of their drinks from Shake and Strain. Jacqueline Koppa and Gabrielle Ward starting this business recently and already going to parties and events like these. So I connected with them about potentially coming out to our events, parties and autograph signings with athletes one time to showcase the drinks. They are hard working, talented and go follow them on social media also. Shake and Strain has an option of teaching people how to make different kind of drinks.

Congrats to all the Sets coaches, staff for all they do, continuing to build something special, bringing the fun and fire to each class. Sets is all about family, making sure everything feels comfortable, enjoying the workout and it's an environment that you should definitely check out for sure.


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