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"St. John's Mens Basketball Get Their Head Coach Rick Pitino On A 6 Year Deal"

Today is a huge day for The St. John's program and their fans as they get their guy in Rick Pitino to be this team's next head coach for 6 years. Pitino has been the number one target all along when everyone was speculating on whether he will leave Iona after great success with them. St. John's did a fantastic job throughout this whole process, stayed patient and got it done at the right time. It officially starts a new era for St. John's mens basketball and the players should be pumped about it.

Coach Rick Pitino is a winner where ever he has been throughout his career, took teams far in the tournament, won two NCAA Tournament Championships in 1996 and 2013. This a perfect match as the recruiting will be much different for St. John's where players want to come here now. Pitino started his coaching career in 1974 which is unbelievable, still going strong and more memories to be built as he heads towards the Hall of Fame in my opinion.

Pitino will help put St. John's back on the map with a great brand of basketball for fans, competing hard every game, playing like a team, winning games and the ultimate goal of a championship in near future. It's going to be interesting who he brings in as assistant coaches to surround him with. But this team should be back more competitive and winning games again right away. I think the transfer portal will be something to watch with St. John's and Pitino as players will look to change teams.

St. John's will introduce Rick Pitino as the new head coach tomorrow at 12:00 Pm Eastern at Madison Square Garden. Congrats to the program on a big day, getting this done and not letting him stay at Iona or go somewhere else.

Photo Credit St. John's Basketball, NCAA March Madness And Clutch Points

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