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"St. John Vianney Improve To 23-0 With A Hard Fought Battle Against Montclair Immaculate"

Holmdel Highschool hosted the 2023 Coaches Choice USA Shore Conference Challenge which is a whole day tournament with a lot of games going on. A lot of people were in attendance for this, multiple media outlets including us and entertaining games towards the end. St. John Vianney and Montclair Immaculate was the last one of the day as they call it main event. These two teams put on a show and did not disappoint at all.

St. John Vianney and Montclair Immaculate started off the first quarter strong with great shooting, finding open teammates, spreading the floor and getting three pointers. The defenses were kind of shaky but improved a little throughout the game. St. John Vianney had a 18-14 lead heading into the second quarter. Both offenses set the tone early in this game setting up for a fantastic finish.

It was still a close game in the second quarter as the shots continued to be a success for both teams. The defense did a better job of forcing tougher shots and played up tempo. St. John Vianney scored 15 points while giving up 16 before halftime. At the end of second quarter it started to get chippy by the scorers table with a

call that took away a buzzer beater shot from St. John Vianney which would have made it 35-30.

The second half between these two teams did not disappoint either as they were trading baskets at one point which made it more exciting for the fans. It was Montclair Immaculate's third quarter scoring 22 points and giving up 19. They played much better defense but St. John Vianney was still scoring at a high rate. Heading to the fourth quarter it was tied at 52-52 in a intense battle.

St. John Vianney ended up taking over the fourth quarter by scoring 20 points and giving up 16 to hold off Montclair Immaculate by a score of 72-68. It got really interesting at the end but wasn't enough for Montclair Immaculate as St. John Vianney Improve to 23-0 now and 10-0 in the shore.

Top scorers for St. John Vianney Zoe Brooks 25 points and Ashley Sofilkanich 21 points.

Top scorers for Montclair Immaculate Tyonna Bailey 17 points, Brenae Jones 11 points and Cierra Cevallos 11 points.

Photo Credit Mike Franco, Franco Sports Photography.

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