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"The Amazing And Inspiring Comeback Story Of Liam Hendriks From Our Friend Jordan Beaudoin"

Liam Hendricks returned to pitch for the Chicago White Sox after a 5-month battle with

non-Hodgins lymphoma on Monday, May 30.

During Monday night's game against the Los Angeles Angles, Henricks returned to pitch for the

White Sox. It wasn’t until the seventh inning of the game that the announcers announced that he

was warming up in the bullpen.

After being diagnosed in December and not going public with his diagnosis until January,

Henricks has had a long and tough battle with cancer.

He has spent the last several months in chemotherapy. He was placed on the rehabilitation injury

list for the White Sox and was moved to play with the minor league, The Charlotte Knights

where he made six appearances during his battle.

Hendricks was able to return to play for the White Sox on Monday night where he was able to

pitch during the top of the eighth inning.

When he exited the bullpen and returned to the mound he was greeted with a standing ovation by

both teams, fans, and his family. He had a few moments to stand and take in the love and respect

he had received. Henricks had to take a minute to compose himself before throwing his first


Though nothing had really changed for Hendricks, the game went on as usual despite how

special it was for him. His first pitch was a strike to Matt Thaiss.

There was much cheering going on for the rest of the game for Hendricks. Fans were also caught

cheering, “Liam!” for the rest of the game.

Hendricks also gave praise to Thaiss who stepped out of the batter's box to give him a moment to

take everything in.

In total Henricks threw twenty-seven pitches during the eighth inning. He gave up runs to Mike

Trout and Zach Neto. He ended the inning by grounding Shohei Ohtani.

When he returned to the dug out at the end of the inning, he was once again cheered with a

standing ovation by both teams and the fans.

Photo Credit Foul Territory And MLB

Written By Our Friend Jordan Beaudoin

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