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"The New Jersey Devils Visit Kids At Newark Beth Israel Medical Center"

Today the New Jersey Devils players payed a visit at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center to meet some kids, make their day and give them motivation. It was a great turnout when it came to the team with a lot of players in attendance for this special moment. They did a great job of splitting the players into groups to visit these inspiring kids and their families. This partnership with the Devils and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center has been a success as they continue to make a big impact in people's lives.

All the players took a group picture with all the staff workers while visiting the kids also. They were really excited, happy and grateful that the New Jersey Devils continue to help them, support in a huge way. The interaction was awesome to see with players and kids which is such an inspiration. These kids will always remember this day meeting professional athletes who already made a positive impact as they continue to get better and be healthy.

This day means a lot, glad that I could be part of this helping out with the New Jersey Devils live at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center who has an amazing staff that are helping families and staying strong. The players will never forget about this moment as people need to realize how important it is to give back in our community. Media relations for the Devils was amazing, shout-out to Megan Ley and Kyle McKenna.

I had an opportunity to interview Will Dineen, Cole Brady and Tim Rego from the New Jersey Devils talking about helping out at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, what position they play and getting a chance with this team. They were great, humble and Devil fans should be pumped for all of the prospects.

Here is the interview

Here is some footage

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