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"The Story Of NFL Cornerback And Super Bowl Champion Bashaud Breeland, Still Wants To Play Football"

Laat week NFL Cornerback and Super Bowl Champion Bashaud Breeland made an appearance on the NR Hour Media Sports Show as a guest. It was a fantastic episode, awesome show and learned a lot from this interview. Speaking to him was an honor as he continues to work hard everyday and has an inspiring story. He had a lot of interesting things to say for the fans and his future with football.

Bashaud Breeland announced on the show that he still wants to play football, continuing to work out, looking for the right opportunity and his agent is in the process of engaging with some teams. Breeland definitely deserves another chance after some hard times off the field and now he is trying to become a better person. He has a young daughter with an inspiring family that also worked hard to him get to this point in life. Breeland loves sharing his story on multiple platforms so other people know what he is doing and trying to achieve.

We are trying to put his story out so teams know that they are aware of Breeland's intensions of playing football again. He is a outgoing person that loved being on this show and our other friends show after called Vegas Bench Warmers. Teams better start taking notice here because Breeland can still play at a high level. He brings versatility, fits well in a any system and could help big time for a contending team. All the teams can use a player like Breeland and his experience in the league.

Bashaud Breeland also won a Superbowl ring with the Kansas City Chiefs where he had a big impact during that game. Hopefully Breeland gets another chance in the NFL because he is all about winning and helping teams in a positive way.

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