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"Trenton Thunder Struggled As They Opened Up The Second Half Of Season"

Last night the Trenton Thunder started off second half of season against the West Virginia Black Bears at home live from Trenton Thunder Ballpark on a beautiful Friday. They were looking to continue the momentum from first half finishing 19-7 but yesterday this team didn't look like that. The West Virginia Black Bears and Trenton Thunder have a brand new roster, learning names on the fly and lineups officially announced 10 minutes before the game.

The Trenton Thunder's pitching and hitting didn't show up yesterday as they gave up 9 runs and scored nothing. Their defense was not great either making 6 errors total against West Virginia as the Black Bears took advantage of those. All of the West Virginia hitters had a game plan and looked like they played together for a while but this was their first game all together. Trenton Thunder's pitchers had trouble locating, finishing batters with no help on defense and offense. The Thunder also had only 3 hits, giving up 12 hits and a final score of 9-0, not a good way to start off second half.

It will take time to find chemistry with the new players but a familiar face is back in Christian Merriwether which could help in a big way for the Trenton Thunder as they are focusing on one goal to win a championship.

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