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Yankees Catcher Jose Trevino Signed Autographs For Fans At Woodbridge Brewing Company

Woodbridge Brewing Company in New Jersey hosted their first ever athlete autograph signing for the fans and what way to start with Yankees all star catcher Jose Trevino who also won the gold/platinum glove awards after a breakout season with New York. it was a great turnout for this event, people waiting in line with Yankees gear on and excited to meet Jose. Woodbridge Brewing did a fantastic job organizing this event along with fanatics which Jose Trevino is a part of.

Jose Trevino is a fan favorite here in New York as no one expected this type of season from him. The numbers he put up, bringing elite defense and pitchers loved throwing to him helped Yankees improved big time. It's amazing to see an athlete come to these events for the fans, for them to meet, ask questions and have the athlete give them advice on life. Yesterday he was connecting with the Yankees fans, having conversations and taking pictures with them also after signing the autograph.

The event went for at least two hours as they got every fan who had tickets to meet Jose Trevino. He had a warm welcoming from all the people, staff workers in Woodbridge Brewing Company as Jose walked into the place and the fans cheered "Jose Jose Jose Jose" which was his chant during the season. Their setup was awesome upstairs where the autograph signing was held so the fans knew where they were going.

It was a great opportunity covering this event yesterday with our NR Hour Sports Show and media company as we got some awesome pictures for Woodbridge Brewing Company in New Jersey and Yankees catcher Jose Trevino. They are all family at this place, the staff is easy to work with and having Fanatics/Jose Trevino as their first event was huge for them. Shout-Out to the owner Mihir Thakkar who has done a fantastic job with this place and helping it grow in a big way to have events like this.

All of you should come to Woodbridge New Jersey one day, check out this place as they have amazing beer and great food to enjoy as a family or party with friends. We are currently working with the owner Mihir Thakkar to host more events at this place and they are reaching out to our close friend two time super bowl champion/ring of honor Leonard Marshall from the New York Giants. Also we are going to help them for future events being connected with a lot of athletes from our media company.

Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino will also be here December 1st Thursday at 6:00 pm eastern.

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