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Yankees Pitcher Luis Severino Signing Autographs At Woodbridge Brewing Company In New Jersey

Yesterday Woodbridge Brewing Company in New Jersey hosted their second autograph signing event with another Yankees player, this time with starting pitcher Luis Severino from 6:00-7:30. We had the opportunity to cover the event again with our NR Hour Sports Show media company, making more connections and talking with the fans. It was a great turnout on a Thursday night as Severino and his management team showed up and entered the back door of the place. The fans were cheering, ready to meet him and got their items set.

They had group numbers for the fans with tickets going in batches upstairs to get an autograph from Luis Severino. He was interactive with all the fans, having conversations and taking pictures also. Our friend Joe Narajan was able to make it to meet Luis Severino and he had a great time. Everything was very well organized again just like the Jose Trevino event and has workers at every spot. Most of the fans asked Luis Severino a question or two and brought up getting passed the Houston Astros. As a sports journalist, I love to see when the players interact with the fans and making everyone's day expecially young kids.

Another amazing thing that happened was we also got to connect with a 16 year old named Jeremy Fishman who wants to be a sports journalist like us. Talking to him yesterday seeing how passionate he is with sports and the Yankees will help Jeremy succeed in a big way while he is working to become a sports journalist. Jeremy said he grew up a Yankees fan and currently looking at colleges for sports journalism while he is in his junior year of highschool. It's all about reputation, making connections and getting your name out there so people know about what you do.

Woodbridge Brewing Company did not disappoint again with another successful and awesome autograph signing that included to Yankees players who the fans were excited about. We want to give a huge shout-out to them for letting us cover their event again with the NR Hour Sports Show. Also thank you to the Owner Steve, Mihir Thakkar and all the staff workers for their amazing hospitality as always and they do a great job.

Also we had the opportunity to connect with Luis Severino's management team headlined by Justin and hung out with all of them after the event. A big thank you to Luis Severino's management team for connecting with us.

Look For More Awesome Events Live From Woodbridge Brewing Company in New Jersey and it was great to see the Woodbridge highschool baseball team in attendance yesterday also.

Stay Tuned

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